Sunday, 15 July 2012

This stalking lark is hard work.

Stalking has been very hard work lately, the bottom half of the farm is flooded the fields that would normally have been cut for silage a couple of times already haven't been cut at all so its almost impossible to see the deer let alone a fox or some rabbits.

However, that hasn't stopped me trying but all I've managed is a few fleeting glimpses of the odd Roe mainly doe's.  This one came right up to within 15yds of me.

I just managed to get a shot of this one through a gap in the trees.

Then tonight something strange happened, I was standing on a footbridge overlooking a small meadow and I decided to give the buttolo a few squeaks as i did so there was a rummaging in the reeds on the other bank beneath a willow tree.  I couldn't see what it was so i squeaked again and this muntjac doe dived into the river and swam towards me i was in plain view and i squeaked again she swam right up to the bridge and then turned around and headed back the current was strong and she struggled a little.  What makes this story more interesting is that in over 20 years of shooting this farm i have never seen one here before.  Unfortunately the picture isn't great but you can get the idea.

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  1. Nice pics, must have been great to have the muntjac doe come swimming over to you, I wish we had them in Norway! =)