Sunday, 13 May 2012


I went over to see Dominic Griffith on Wednesday to get my trophy measured along with a couple of friends, I found him to be a very nice guy who was genuinely interested in what we had and what we had to say.   He measured my buck at 187.3 points which is a platinum medal on the BASC system.
 also visited Tony Dalby-Smith of the CIC today as well and he measured it at 187.0 CIC points so very close.
While I was at Dominic's we visited Marco Pierre-White's pub so he could see it too.  He was amazed that I had let him go all season until he had rutted before I shot him.

Just clean of his velvet at the end of April.

In all his glory at the end of June.

August 19th 2012 at 06.15am we met for the last time.

CIC gold medal.


  1. Artemis

    I'm not usually that fussed by Trophy Hunting, its either high fence or the guide has done all the hard bit. But this time, I'm stoked for you mate, you must be made up, and I'm also very proud that you let him spread his genes about for another season before you took him.

  2. I am very lucky in that my friend/stalking mentor has over 40 years of stalking experience who learnt his trade under Edgar James at longleat and I follow his advice rigidly, he told me that there was no need to shoot him before the rut and if I was worried he might stray and get shot elsewhere that was not a valid enough reason to shoot it. However, if I had known at the time that it was as big as it was and As Dominic said to me it could have commanded a price of £3000-£5000 to the right buyer I may have been tempted to sell the shooting rights, (that's a he'll of a lot of money to me and my family) bit I'm glad I didn't know because that would have gone against all my shooting ethics.

  3. We live and learn by our mistakes.
    At least you have the memories for your lost 3-5 grand.

  4. I'm not all that Fussed at not cashing in on him As it's not something that I'm comfortable with (I'm not sure the wife shares that sentiment) I'm just glad I didn't know at the time 'cos that's a lot of cash to turn down on principle alone!!

  5. AISI you didn't know at the time how good the head was or how much potentially you could have sold it for.So there was no principles invlved. That comes with the next one.

    Just don't let the misses know you have a similar value head knocking about the place and you should get away with just bowling him over yourself when the time comes. You can do a lot of home decorating for £3K. haha!